Developing WordPress Themes Using Responsive Frameworks

wordpress-marbella-frameworksResponsive design is slowly but surely becoming an expected standard for web developers. Get upgraded with a responsive framework to your next WordPress theme.

Responsive design is all about making things fluid and adjusting according to screen size. Although WordPress doesn’t always play nice with responsive design methods, there are ways it can be achieved. How responsive you decide to make your website is really about how much time you want to spend doing it.

There are several responsive frameworks out there to choose from. You might want to spend some time investigating each one to determine which has the included features your project might require.

Responsive design is continuing to grow in popularity and knowing how to utilize it within your future theme construction will be crucial for success. Whether you are adding considering adding a framework to your theme or using a pre-built theme supporting responsive design, get in touch with us for our complete services.

Why you should use a WordPress Theme Framework

A theme framework takes a lot of the initial code out of WordPress. There is still plenty of room to add visual elements (using HTML and/or CSS) into the design, but theme frameworks are designed to guide a user through the design and function of the website.

Theme frameworks DO NOT create the website for you. Rather, theme frameworks guide you through the process in a way that eliminates major CSS and PHP coding.

Child Themes.

A child theme is a theme that has been created using one of the frameworks. You see a lot of this with theme frameworks, where the initial framework is basic enough that it is easy to create a different visual style or technical function around the framework.

There are also tons of child themes out there.  Some WordPress themes even support built-in one-click child themes, to make it easier than ever to build a website with the colors and font sizes you want.

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